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Welcome to my website,

You may have found my website because you're looking for a therapist, or because you were searching for information on specific topics found in articles I've written, some of which are posted here. Either way, I hope you find it easy to navigate and I'd love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to contact me by the email address listed above.

First I'd like to tell you a little bit about me and then a little about the site, so to begin, a little bit about who I am and what you might consider to be my "style" as a therapist.

People will often call me on the phone and ask me something to the effect of, "Tell me, what kind of therapist are you?" Whenever I "close" during the final session with my clients, I always survey them and ask for feedback about what "worked" and "didn't work" for them about me, as their therapist. I primarily get the responses such as "you were a full participant", "You gave a lot of feedback", "You were really present". So I would say that I am very "active" therapist. I don't simply mirror back what you've said to me. I believe the process is collaborative and exploratory in nature; and, I give feedback.

I once read that there are two kinds of therapists:

  1. the kind that if you eavesdropped from the other side of the therapy door, you would primarily hear the muffled sounds of the client crying
  2. the kind that if you eavesdropped from the other side of the therapy door, you would primarily hear the muffed sounds of the client laughing.

I would say that I fall into the latter. While certainly therapy can be a painful experience and expressing and experiencing sad emotions are a part of almost everyone's process, I also believe in the old adage that laughter is the "best medicine" and believe in freely using humor to facilitate the therapeutic process.

As for navigating my site; you'll find articles I've written under the headings; "Mind", "Body" and "Spirit". Go to "About Dr. Tony" in which I go into specific detail on my philosophical approach and clinical orientation as a therapist along with my areas of specialty and payment information. If you look above you'll find my phone number, email and office address. Finally under "Links" you'll find some links that many of my clients have found helpful, if you have one you'd like me to add, please email me the information.

Thanks for visiting!


Tony Zimbardi

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